Atlanta Center for Self Sufficiency

Each night in metro Atlanta, some 7,000 men, women and children go to sleep under bridges, in cars, on the street or in temporary homeless shelters; and experts estimate that more than 21,000 people find themselves homeless throughout the region each year. Survey data on this population has found that the primary cause of homelessness is loss of a job or unemployment (58%), followed by drug or alcohol abuse (38%). Another key segment of the homeless population is veterans, who comprise nearly 25% of the total population. The Atlanta Center for Self Sufficiency, Inc. (ACSS) plays a critical role along Atlanta’s continuum of care and is uniquely positioned to assess, train and motivate individuals to achieve economic self-sufficiency and thrive. As the data indicates, there is a tremendous need in Atlanta for employment readiness training, job placement assistance and similar resources that help homeless men, women and veterans get back on their feet and begin the path to self-sufficiency and permanent housing. We fulfill our mission through three core programs: CareerWorks, which provides job training, employment placement assistance and supportive services for homeless individuals seeking full-time work; our Veterans Employment Assistance Program, targeted at helping veterans to re-enter the workforce; and Café 458, a life stabilization program for disabled homeless adults suffering from mental illness, substance abuse addiction and/or physical disabilities that prevent them from working full-time. In addition to our core programs, ACSS also operates two social enterprise ventures – Café 458 Sunday Brunch and CST Janitorial Services – providing transitional employment opportunities and job training for our clients, as well as unrestricted revenue for the agency.

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