The Sara Giles Moore Foundation was established in 1997 by Sara Moore to ensure the continuation of her active role supporting her community. Mrs. Moore had a long history of supporting the visual arts, cultural organizations, healthcare and numerous projects which enhanced the quality of life for those living in and around Metro Atlanta, Georgia. Through her investments of both time and money, her generosity has helped to make significant improvements in each of these areas.

Grant application process


Meet eligibility requirements

Confirm your organization meets the foundation's eligibility requirements.


Submit a letter of inquiry (LOI)

The LOI captures your organization’s summary and mission statement. To submit a LOI, every organization must create an account or log in to an existing account on the foundation’s grant portal. This requires a tax id number and a valid email.


Pass foundation review

Trustees review all LOIs. The Executive Director provides a report of submitted LOIs sorted by category and ranked on a specific set of standards.


Submit Grant Application

The Executive Director works with each applicant to ensure the proposal is best-suited for the Foundation.


Application Review

The Executive Director vets each proposal and organization thoroughly and reports to the Trustees at bi-annual meetings.


Final Report

Grantees submit a final report 10-12 months after their grant is paid.