What is the Sara Giles Moore Foundation?

The Sara Giles Moore Foundation is a private independent foundation formed by Mrs. O. Ray Moore in 1997 to support charitable organizations within metro Atlanta. We are governed by five Trustees all of which are deeply committed not only to Mrs. Moore’s legacy but Atlanta.

Who may apply for grants from the Foundation?

We generally fund organizations in metro Atlanta that are classified as tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code that fall into our set guidelines.

How do I request a grant?

First you need to set up a username and password and complete the LOI. Next, we will determine the eligibility of your grant and contact you.  Please see Apply for a Grant for detailed information on requesting a grant.

Are there deadlines for applications?

Yes, we have two grant cycles per year, fall and spring. Applications are generally due March 15 for the spring meeting and August 15 for the fall meeting.

Do you accept unsolicited proposals?

No. Any organizations wishing to be considered for funding must complete the eligibility form.

Does the Foundation fund newly formed organizations?

Yes. Our trustees will review grants from organizations which have recently received 501 (c)(3) designation letter. We generally do not take applications from organizations in the formation stage which have not received their determination letter. In addition, we are always interested in hearing about organizations, whether new, or those which are not yet known to us. An eligibility from must be completed and submitted to the Foundation.

When does the Foundation notify organizations of funding?

We notify the organizations within the week following board meetings. Meetings usually are held in May and October.

Are there minimums or maximums on the amount of grants?

Our typical grants range from $25,000 to $100,000; however, we look at all requests in proportion to programs, an organization’s budget, and needs. Our Executive Director will give applicants a recommended amount for which to ask.

Do you provide annual grants?

Yes, we have made grants to the same organization several years in a row. However, every organization must apply each year. Generally, we do not fund multi-year grants. If a grant is not awarded, an organization may apply again.

Do you provide operating grants?

Yes. All of our Trustees are actively involved in local non-profit organizations and understand the challenges of operating a non-profit as well as the challenges of obtaining operating grants.

My organization is outside of metro Atlanta, may I still apply for funding?

When Mrs. Moore started the Foundation, one of her wishes was that it give preference to organizations operating in and for activities which are carried out primarily in the metropolitan Atlanta, Georgia area. As you can see on our list of recent grants, we generally fund organizations within metro Atlanta.

May I hand-deliver my application?

No. We only accept applications via email. The application must be emailed to our Executive Director at susan@thesaragilesmoorefoundation.org. We do not accept applications or letters of inquiry via U.S. Postal Service.

May I meet your Executive Director or Trustees during the application process?

Yes. You will work directly with our Executive Director on your application. We are here to answer any questions as well as assist with forming an appropriate grant request. We encourage grant seekers to contact our Executive Director directly rather than contacting our Trustees.

Will you conduct a site visit?

Yes. We generally conduct site visits for organizations that have been invited to apply. We like to meet with the executive team as well as with board members and constituents of your programs.

How does the Foundation review board contributions?

The Trustees of SGMF look closely at the dollar amount that each board personally contributes to the organization for which they serve as a board member.

Does the Foundation require a Final Grant Report?

Yes, we have a final grant form for you to complete at the end of your grant year. We value your input and would like to learn how our investment was used to help your organization and if it made a difference in your cause. We also know that not every investment will succeed; the Trustees desire to take every opportunity to learn from disappointments.