About The Sara Giles Moore Foundation

Sara Giles MooreThe Sara Giles Moore Foundation was established in 2000 by Sara Giles Moore to ensure the continuation of her active role supporting her community. Mrs. Moore had a long history of supporting the visual arts, cultural organizations,healthcare and numerous projects which enhanced the quality of life for those living in and around Metro Atlanta, Georgia. Through her investments of both time and money, her generosity has helped to make significant improvements in each of these areas.

The philanthropic interests of Mrs. Moore, clearly discernible through her long history of giving, are used as guidelines for establishing funding priorities. The Foundation Board of Trustees will use its best collective judgment to meet these qualified needs of the Metro Atlanta, Georgia community through careful assessment and selection.

Sara Moore was an elegant lady with exquisite taste, a deep commitment to the arts, a passionate interest in the city of Atlanta, a generous spirit, a dynamic personality and a special ability to build relationships and reach out to others in need.